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Bay of Fungi Grow Your Own Gourmet Mushroom Kit


With this grow kit you will have the opportunity to grow up to 1lb of delicious Blue Oyster Mushrooms.

Blue Oyster mushrooms are a sweet and mild flavoured mushroom. This means they are quite versatile and can be used in many ways. They taste great in stir fry, on pizza, in soup, with meat, and so on. Not only that, they are super nutritious! They are high in protein, high in vitamins (B1, B2 & folic acid) and minerals (iron, zinc & potassium).

From the time you open your kit you will likely see mushroom ‘babies’ within 5-7 days. This means, you will be harvesting your first batch of mushrooms within 10-12 days. Following directions you will get at least 2 harvests.

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We believe in producing food that is good for the earth and good for the people. Our mushrooms are produced year round at our off-grid mushroom farm. We capture light from the sun to power our farm and bring delicious, nutritious and affordable mushrooms to you!

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