For a second harvest rest kit for one week, remove spawn bag from box, flip around, return to box, and simply repeat steps on the new side!


Where should I put my grow kit?
Here are a few considerations to help you decide where to place your grow kit.

  • The fungus needs light to grow mushrooms properly; however, direct sunlight is counterproductive because it will dry out the kit. Consider that the box is an important component: without it the mushrooms will respond to light everywhere and try to fruit inside the bag.
  • A humid location will help reduce the need for watering the fungus and encourage the fungus to grow mushrooms. Just above the kitchen sink, or somewhere nearby it is an excellent spot. Be mindful of electric baseboards or wood stoves; placing the kit near a heat source will dry it out.
  • Temperature: Oyster mushrooms will fruit in a wide range of temperatures, anywhere between 5 and 25°C. However, it would be ideal if the kit could be placed somewhere in your home with a temperature between 10 and 18°C.
How do I water my grow kit?
Use a misting bottle: spray the X shaped opening a few times in the day and again in the evening. The idea is to prevent the white mycelium that is exposed to air from drying out too much. Keeping the mushroom primordia from drying out is the most important thing you can do to increase the yield of mushrooms. Put the grow kit on a plate if you are concerned about water damaging the surface underneath the box. 
I forgot to water my grow kit; what do I do?
If you forgot to mist the grow kit for a period of time, don’t worry – you have a few options.

  1. Keep on misting like nothing happened.
  2. Try again: turn the bag around, put it back in the box and cut a fresh X in the other side of the bag and keep on misting. You can tape over the old X if you like.
  3. If you think your kit has really dried out try soaking it. Remove the bag from the box and submerge it in water over night. The kitchen sink is a good place to do this. You will need to weigh the bag down because it will want to float. Dry off the bag and return it to the box. This is also a good time to place the bag back in the box backwards so you can cut a new X on the other side for a fresh start.
How many pounds of mushrooms will I be able to harvest from the grow kit?
You can expect to harvest a pound of mushrooms between the first two flushes. But with some effort you can expect even more. Maintaining moisture inside the grow kit is imperative to additional harvests. Remember, mushrooms are mostly water, so if the mycelium dries out, the fungus will not be able to fruit. Give that old kit a soak over night and chances are it will liven back up and be ready to fruit again. 
My kit looks moldy, is that OK?
If colourful mould appears near the opening you’ve made, tape it shut, turn the bag around inside the box and cut a new opening on the other side.
If mould appears throughout the bag it is time to compost your grow kit.
How long can I wait before opening the kit?
Realistically you should be able to wait weeks, or even months before opening the kit. The fungus can survive in an unopened bag for an extended period of time; the filter patch in the bag allows the fungus to breath while preserves moisture. I don’t know why you want to store it for that long, but if you do, try keeping it in the fridge until you are ready. The oyster mushroom species in the kit can survive freezing temperatures all winter. 
My grow kit has already fruited a few times, what should I do?
This is a good time to soak the grow kit.
I’ve had my grow kit for a few weeks and nothing is happening. What should I do?
Be patient –at least one flush of mushrooms will grow even if you do nothing but open the kit. However, if you are having no luck, then it is time to soak your grow kit.
How do I soak the kit?
Soak the kit if you aren’t having success growing more mushrooms. To do this, first remove the bag from the box then submerge it in cold water. The kitchen sink is a good place to do this. You will have to weigh down the bag of mycelium to keep it submerged. Soak the kit over night, dry it off, and return it to the box. 
I know the grow kit needs air, light and water to grow, but is there anything else I can do?
There is. In addition to air, light and water, the fungus will respond to a cold snap. A drop in temperature signals the fungus to grow mushrooms; try cold shocking your grow kit. Soaking the kit over night in cold water hydrates the mycelium but also serves as a cold shock to stimulate primordia formation. You can also try putting the grow kit in the fridge for a day. Any drop in temperature, as long as it is above freezing, should help stimulate the fungus to develop more fruiting bodies.  
My kit has already fruited, what do I do?
Rest and repeat. The fungus will need to rest for at least one week before it can fruit again. Here are some ways you can facilitate some R&R for your fungus using darkness and warmth.

  1. Conceal the kit from light during the rest period. By covering the opening in the box, or by moving the kit to a dark location for one or two weeks, you can help the fungus rest.
  2. Colder temperatures initiate pinning and warmer temperatures facilitate recuperation. If the kit is moved to a warmer location (around 25°C) during the rest period, you should expect an increase in future yield.
  3. Remember to keep misting the opening during the rest period. Alternatively, tape closed the first opening to preserve moisture and place the kit in a warm, dark location for one or two weeks. When you return the kit to cooler temperatures expose it to light, cut a new opening, and resume watering: more mushrooms will be triggered to develop in the following weeks.
My grow kit is old and worn out, what can I do now?
If your kit has fruited multiple times, you have soaked it and cut a new opening, but you think it has given up the ghost –think again.  You can move the bag outside to a shady location, cut a few extra holes in the bag and water occasionally. Chances are that in the spring or fall more mushrooms will grow. Consider that the old kit is essentially a bag of spawn -something analogous to a seed potato that people use to ‘plant’ mushroom gardens. With a little research you can keep your Pleurotus alive indefinitely by feeding and watering it outside. They can survive a Canadian winter.

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