Gavin is a life long learner. Since the inception of Bay of Fungi he has spent countless hours researching and exploring the world of farming and fungi. Within this endeavor Gavin is able to combine many of his passions – arboriculture, green building, permaculture and land stewardship – as these passions naturally lend themselves to the cultivation of fungi. Like his fungi counterparts, Gavin is a natural born recycler and this is expressed in the building and growing style of Bay of Fungi. Outside of the farm you’ll likely find Gavin playing dinosaurs with his daughter, Aurea.


Nicholas received his Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biology from Dalhousie University in 2015. At Dalhousie he became interested in fungi through his study of soil ecology. He moved to New Brunswick in 2012 to work on an organic farm. There he met Gavin and the two decided to start Bay of Fungi. This project was exciting to Nicholas because the cultivation of fungi presents interesting challenges combining biology and technology; two subjects that Nicholas has been passionate about since childhood. In his spare time he enjoys playing with his mouse, Limo, and being attacked by his cat Chubby Cheeks.


Ashley is a woman of the people! She believes deeply in walking the path of personal truth and strives to support others to do so as well. Over the years this philosophy has lent itself well to the development and mission of Bay of Fungi. Her roll has shifted over the years – evolving from dream supporter, to project manager, market sales person, bookkeeper, and mushroom grower. When Ashley is not tied up with Bay of Fungi you may find her socializing around town with her daughter, Aurea, attending a sweat lodge ceremony or walking barefoot in the grass!

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We believe in producing food that is good for the earth and good for the people. Our mushrooms are produced year round at our off-grid mushroom farm. We capture light from the sun to power our farm and bring delicious, nutritious and affordable mushrooms to you!

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